Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New blog address and look

I've moved my blog to my server now..

new address:

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sale at DSS!

In honor of St. Patrick's Day today...many designers at DSS are having a 30% off sale! It's only good today, so run quickly and pick up some goodies at a great deal!

My DSS Store.

Don't forget everything in my PDW store is still on sale through tonight also for 33% off!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Wanna Free puffy sticker alpha?

come join me tonight for my chat at SBB - the Scrap an Event chat - 11 PM Est. Those that post by midnight Saturday night will be PM'd the alpha. If you can't make it to the chat, you can still participate, just post in the Scrap an Event gallery by tomorrow night. Tonight's theme is "Spring is in the air." So thing about what means spring to you and scrap your layout and post. :) If you need a little more info or more ideas, see my posting here.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

33% OFF

Howdy howdy...I haven't had a chance to make a new pretty little ad, but I wanted to share that everything in my store at PDW is 33% of today through Saturday! Be sure to stop in and pick up some goodies at a great price.

My PDW store here.

Monday, March 12, 2007

What a week

Man..when I went on my little girl's only vacation the first weekend of March, I had no idea I'd come back to a week of insanity. I did absolutely no designing, but I did finally scrap a page about my weekend on Friday.

Here's last week in a quick glance:
flight arrived at 10:30 AM
lunch with dh, dd#2 and FIL
nap while Ky napped
hung out with FIL
took Alyssa to TKD (FIL stayed home with Ky since she was sick)
went to bed early since I could barely stay awake

FIL went home
slept in a few hours and I think I may have taken a nap when Ky did too
trip to Alyssa's school to pick up things in the evening
early bedtime

9:30 AM Dr. appt for me with the OB/GYN
another nap during Ky's nap time (I could barely stay awake all week)
Girl Scout meeting in the evening

Morning things with Eric and Ky
2:00 Dr appt for Alyssa
Ballet in the evening

9:15 Songram at OB/GYN office (she said all was good, didn't find any new cysts! yay)
Design my chat freebie (ok I fibbed about doing no design - I did have to do this)
Pick up Alyssa from School because school bus was broken
Baiely Vet appt
Host my chat

relatively relaxing day just hanging out with the kids outside and writing out Alyssa's birthday part invites.
Dinner with the kids and dh
Shopping with the girls when Eric went to work
laaate night - not a good idea! lol

early morning - barely drug my butt outta bed LOL
lunch with Eric and girls
nap during Ky's nap
evening with the girls since Eric was at work again

Whew..and that week is finally over. Today I slept so late. I was sooo tired still from being up too late Saturday night and getting up early Sunday. I went to bed later last night than I should have too, and yet I still didn't do any designing. I did finish some things for OPA that I needed to finish.

so for this week... a little slower, but I have got to get caught up now
didn't wake up in time to go to the gym (oops)
Tae Kwon Do (TKD) this evening

lunch duty at Alyssa's school (Eric may do this so he can see Alyssa)

nothing on the schedule yet (yay!)

Girl Scout troop going roller skating

Parent Teacher Conference with Alyssa's teacher
Stampin Up party to go to (yippee some social time for mommy)

Eric will have reserves duty this weekend....not sure what I'll be doing with the girls yet. We invited a family to come over for dinner, but they have a wedding to go to. I was going to invite another family, but I think we may just enjoy the quiet.

Eric has reserves again, but I think we'll take Alyssa out for dinner since it's her birthday.

Hopefully I can get some design things caught up this week since it's slower that I need to do.

OK..what a totally boring post today! LOL I just can't believe how tired and unmotivated I've been for a week now. It's so insane. I hope my normal energy and motivation return very soon. I hate being so unproductive and constantly tired.

OH... I suppose I could share some Layouts.

This is one I did for the SBB March Ezine - Alyssa at the park back in Oct. Credits here.

here's another I did for the March Ezine. This one was done using a template freebie I made for the Ezine. If you haven't gotten your ezine yet, go pick it up - it's got some nice goodies in it. :) Credits here for this one.

And finally, here is a page I did Friday night of Janelle and I from the weekend before. She prolly won't love me for posting this one since her eyes are kinda closed - but it's the ONLY picture I have of both of us. I might have to see if I can switch her out somehow using the picture I took of her with her family. I used my freebies that I made for my chat Friday night on this page plus a few other extras - full credits here.

Oh..I don't think I've shared this kit yet either that I made for the March Ezine at SBB. Again, you can get this kit free, and several other goodies and kits when you purchase the Ezine for just $5.00 - or get yourself an annual subscription for only $35.

Ok..time to help Alyssa with some homework and then we've got to get to TKD tonight.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Gift for you

I know it's a bit into March already, but with my busy week, I just finally got around to making myself a new wallpaper for my computer this month. I decided to make it nice and springy and PINK for my girls. :) It's a simple wallpaper with lots of extra space to fit all my icons, or notes. I used my new Spring Fling kit at DSS, my polaroid frame from my frames vol. 1 at PDW, and one of my paint and splatter brushes available at DSS. Anyhow... after I finished... I decided to delete my pictures and make it into a PNG overlay that I could share with my wonderful blog readers. I went ahead and modified it to make a blue version as well for those of you that don't want/need PINK. hehe

So...if you can use it, I hope you enjoy. The download includes both the pink and blue version so you can use the one you want.
Download your free wall paper overlay here.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm back from South Carolina

I got home yesterday from my weekend with Janelle in Myrtle Beach. We just hung out and went shopping all day Saturday. We watched a movie at the hotel Saturday night, got lots of sleep both Friday and Saturday night, and did a little more shopping Sunday before we headed back to her house on Sunday evening. I spent quiiiiite a bit of money over the weekend, but had a blast. About all we saw of the beach, was from the balcony! LOL We were going to go walk on the beach Sunday morning, but after we checked out and put our things in the car we decided it was too chilly and windy so we just went and got lunch. We had planned on getting pedicures this weekend, but they were $75 at the hotel so we opted to shop instead with that $75 (plus a little more hehehe).

Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures to take. I only took 15 total: 6 are the beach from the hotel balcony, 1 of Janelle's family, 1 of her and I, 3 of her dd, 2 of her dh and ds, and 2 of my shopping bags Saturday night LOL Her husband and kids (and her inlaws - her dh went to his parents for the weekend with the kids about 30 min from where we were) came and met up with us for about 45 minutes to get some icees, shop at the Disney store and so I could see the kiddos. I haven't seen her daughter since her 1st birthday and her son is 3 weeks older than Kyleigh, so I hadn't met him yet.

Can you guess how much I spent this weekend? LOL..this is just the stuff I bought on Saturday, but I'll say that I didn't spend as much on Sunday. (but I did have to have it shipped home LOL).

Since returning all I want to do is sleep. I slept most of the flights home, took an hour nap yesterday while Ky was napping, was asleep by 1 am (very early for me) last night and slept till about 10 am this morn (minus getting up about 8 am to say good bye to my FIL), and then I took another hour nap while Ky was napping today. I'm still feeling tired and planning to go to bed here shortly again tonight. I have my OB Dr. appt tomorrow (last night I was so tired I thought it was today, but found out just before I went to bed that it is tomorrow). I think I'm going to talk to the Dr about these mood swings too. I'm just down again tonight for no real good reason, and this complete undesire to do anything but sleep is so out of now where. I had a great weekend, so you'd think I should be recharged and feeling great, not down. hmmmm

OH I did put up a new kit just before I left for the weekend, but I didn't have a chance to put it up on my blog. It's a new spring kit available at DSS - Spring Fling

Ok with that...I'm headed off for the night.